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Laura can teach you the beautiful art form of Belly Dancing with a variety of classes from absolute beginners up to her student troupe Sameerah. 

There are many physical benefits that belly dance can bring including toning of the whole body, improved posture, boost to immune system, reduces stress and tension and weight loss, however belly dancing also helps to build your self esteem, connect with your femininity and make new friends.

The best thing about belly dancing is that it is a low impact exercise suitable for ladies of all ages, shapes and sizes and you DO NOT have to show your belly.  Laura's students age between 16 years old and 70+.

Laura has been teaching for ten years and teaches Oriental Pop Belly Dance and Belly Dance Fusion( a mix of commercial dance and belly dance moves to chart hits!)  As well as running workshops to cover other areas such as saidi, veil, swords, raks sharki and more...

Classes run in four week blocks costing £30 per course.  

All classes run in Stevenage or Ware in Hertfordshire and for members of Odyessy Health Club in Knebworth.

Every year we have a fabulous show where you get to dance in front of all your friends and family - an unforgettable experience!

A new online booking system is now available,.

Beginners​  Course

Suitable for complete beginners or those with limited experience.

Tuesdays 8pm - Barnwell Upper School, Stevenage


Wednesdays 6pm -The Chauncy School, Ware

Intermediate Class

Suitable for those with at least 12 weeks belly dance experience

Wednesdays 7pm - The Chauncy School, Ware

Intermediate Class

Tuesdays 7pm  Barnwell School Stevenage. Suitable for those with at least 12 weeks experience

Advanced Dancers

Mondays 7pm - Marriotts School Stevenage

Suitable for those with a good knowledge of belly dance moves and experience.



Suitable for advanced belly dance students via audition only. Performance opportunities available.

Mondays 8pm - Marriotts School Stevenage

Online or 1:1

1:1 tuition and online classes can be arranged via zoom or in person.

Online classes start from £30 per hour.

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Hen Parties / Workshops

Unleash your inner Shakira with a fun workshop for hen parties that includes wearing a coin belt,  learning basic moves and your own dance choreography. Coin belts for every participant to keep as a momento can be added on to your booking. Prices start from just £10 per person (based on 10 participants)

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“Before attending Laura's belly dance classes I hadn't danced at all, other than at parties and weddings! Laura's gentle encouragement and constructive advice has provided me with much more than a dance class, creating confidence both mentally and physically. The marvelous thing about Laura's classes is that a person can do as much as they feel and will not face criticism, just encouragement and praise, whether its your first lesson or your one hundred and first"

Sally Marham


“I started attending Laura's belly dance class in 2011.  From the very first class, I was hooked. It felt like an achievement every week to have learnt yet another fun choreography and also to have pushed myself fitness-wise.  But Laura's lessons are more than just fun and fitness.  They inspire self-confidence and a real sense of self-worth.  The friendships I have made in class are very special and Thursdays are now the highlight of my week"

Liz Carr

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