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Laura - This side is the way forward if you don't want to rely on wix or third parties

Video - Gordon Craig 2022 £10

Standard Paypal
Ok. this button works separate to the cart. This emails back a http link. check whether this can be integrated into cart


Laura - This side is all test stuff so please feel free to ignore.

Video - Gordon Craig 2022 £10

POWR.IO Button (ie Through Wix) Will not be using if other button works ok.

Ok This bit does allow you to add multiple things to the same cart

"To respond automatically only to specific email addresses, put those addresses in the From field. To respond automatically to messages that contain specific text, put the words or phrases in the “has the words” box. To further customize your filter, put negative phrases in the “doesn't have” box" Check if exists in hotmail..... Should be able to search for the link and auto reply if part of larger cart...

The question becomes whether you want to sell other things, or over time whether there will be multiple video downloads

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